City Life Org – Introducing Chlorophyta: nea studio’s stunning sconces and chandeliers made with seaweed

Nina Edwards Anker’s multi-talented studio specializes in architecture and interiors. The dominant philosophy of nea studio is always guided by the fusion of eco-responsibility with beauty, both equally important. In the most recent incarnation of this philosophy, nea studio has created stunning sconces and chandeliers made from locally sourced chlorophyta, aka sea algae, a translucent, renewable material.

Edwards Anker comments: “In an increasingly high-tech globalized world, I am inspired by local organic materials with known origins, familiar and linked to the natural world. The idea for the lamps came from a doctorate. research project on materials and light. I was looking for locally sourced, translucent biomaterials to filter and soften the light from LED bulbs.

Translucent seaweed diffuses light in any room, and gold-hued brass or bronze frames reflect LED bulbs in even warmer light. And, as LED lighting technology improves, the color gamut expands.

Although the project started in 2014, nea studio could only source the algae from Amsterdam. Now, eight years later, nea buys them from a local seafood store in Brooklyn. “Now that the algae are so easily accessible, we keep trying new combinations of materials and new configurations,” says Edwards Anker.

The chandelier can include up to 100 lights. Each light is customizable and available on and

William M. Lee