AICO develops protective packaging for its luxurious chandeliers and other lighting accessories

Furniture World News Bureau on 07/25/2022

In an effort to provide a fast shipping program directly to their customers and consumers without them having to wait for common carriers and meet the minimum shipping quantity associated with this, full-service furniture supplier AICO has announced a new packaging program that will allow their luxurious small and medium-sized chandeliers and sconces to ship via UPS, Fed Ex and other package distributors.

AICO’s merchandising and packaging engineers conducted extensive testing and developed solutions for each of the selected luxury lighting offerings that will ship in enhanced custom packaging. Our superior packaging techniques have been rigorously tested to ensure that we provide the level of protection needed to transport packages.

“We have researched for months and developed a custom design for some small to medium sized chandeliers and sconces which we can now ship direct to stores or direct to their customers via UPS, Fed Ex, and other couriers providing package delivery. fast and seamless, while omitting minimal shipping costs,” said Michael Amini, Chief Designer, President and CEO of AICO. “Our packaging experts have designed, tested and built packaging solutions that will ensure each item is packed to support and protect valuable assets during their journey. We look forward to transitioning additional lighting elements into this package wrapping strategy. »

About AICO

AICO is an international home furnishing company that manufactures complete furniture and collection upholstery and accent product lines, high fashion upholstery fabrics, bedspread designs and an extensive catalog of accent pieces.

CEO and Founder, Michael Amini, combines his extensive world travel and affinity for fashion to create the inspiration for each distinctive design. From the ancient ruins of Greece to famous historic palaces; from the sunny hills of Tuscany to the charming cafes of a crowded street in Paris, Michael finds inspiration in global culture, traditional art and architecture. His goal is to create furniture that emotionally connects people to their culture, country and heritage.

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